Free Gift Tags, Bottle Markers, Cards & Gift Card Sleeves

Because we love you, we've put together some freebies for you. Download and print our gift tags and notecards, or decorate your desktop or phone with our free kawaii background/wallpaper. Download and print our drink markers and use them at your next party, so your friends can remember which bottle belongs to them.

To make use of our freebies you'll want:

  • A cutting implement (an exacto and ruler would be nice, but you can make do with scissors)
  • A color printer
  • Card stock (We recommend card stock for best results. Good quality photo paper will also work, which you can get at an office supply store or even a larger chain drug store. Any sort of heavier weight 8.5 x 11 inch paper will do the job though.)
For putting together gift card sleeves, dring tags or note cards you'll want some paste or double sided tape. For gift tags, you'll probably want to use a hole puncher. Bonus tip: If you protect your drink tags with some clear packing tape, you can make them water-resistant and reusable.

Note: We've designed both gift card sleeves and mini-notecards that are just the perfect size for hold an Ex-Boyfriend gift card. If you'd like to surprise a loved one with an Ex-Boyfriend gift card, you can make the presentation extra fun by dowloading and printing a notecard or card sleeve. Don't worry, assembly is easy, even if you're not craft project inclined.

gift tags mini note card
gift card sleeve bottle markers
Bottle Charms - tags for your bottles of soda or beer so you can tell which drink belongs to you.

  • Kawaii wallpaper featuring popular Ex-Boyfriend characters. Right click the image above to save and use it as a background on your desktop, phone, etc.
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