Who's Who in the Ex-Boyfriend Universe
You may notice some recurring characters around here in the Ex-Boyfriend universe. We have a few regulars who pop up in designs from time to time. You can learn more about them below.
Fuzz AldrinAn intrepid explorer, Fuzz Aldrin made history when he became the first kitty in space. Never one to rest on his laurels, Fuzz continues his mission of adventure and discovery, while also instilling that same desire for extra-terrestrial knowledge via his newly-opened school: Fuzz Aldrin’s Astro Camp! When he's not out exploring the universe, Fuzz enjoys chin scratches and grilled cheese.
Carlos This trouble making t-rex spends his days in the basement of the Ex-Boyfriend headquarters, demanding attention and medium rare steaks. He's mostly made apperances on Facebook and in comic strips. He also finally got a t-shirt featuring his grim visage.
Victorious Yeti Charlie Sheen once said, "Everything I know about winning I learned from Victorious Yeti."* While Yeti may come from humble beginnings in the frozen wastes of the Himalayas, his thirst for victory remains unquenched, even after the opening of his acclaimed ski resort in the Alps. No longer content to win in Europe, the Yeti made his first North American appearance during the east coast blizzard of 2010 and has been seeking blizzards around the globe ever since.

* This quote, while probable, is unsubstantiated.

Plant Monsters A relentless scourge upon the cosmos, the savage plant monsters are of unknown origin, and are feared throughout the galaxy for the mindless, wanton destruction left in their wake. Fuzz Aldrin and his Astro Camp colleagues and students keep an ever-watchful eye out for this brutal horde of vegetation!
Pirate Bunnies A throwback to a more swashbuckling age, these roguish rabbits delight in playful privateering, selling their seafaring services to the highest bidder and splitting the spoils evenly amongst one another. Not altogether trusted, but if the carrot chips are down, they come through in the hutch!