August 24, 2011

WTF Wednesday: My Dream—I Mean Nightmare—Of Being Chased By Robots Has Finally Come True!

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Thanks, University of Michigan, FOR NOTHING!

Look, I love robots as a concept. Cats riding around on them while they clean my house. A red & blue semi that protects us from Decepticons. Pudgy maids sassing me as I swallow my three-course breakfast pill before I head off to work in my flying suitcase-car. These are just a couple of the things that excited me about the future as a little kid. MABEL, however, is a little too much T1000, not enough Hedonism-Bot:

That’s right—scientists at the University of Michigan have developed a robot that can outrun the average person. And honestly, it’s not the speed that makes this frightening—it’s the combination of MABEL’s appearance and the ominous sound of “her” metallic legs clanking along as it circles this track.

No, David Blaine. No.

(Via, by way of Adj—again!)

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