November 15, 2011

Who’s Honoring Me Now: Culture Magazine

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I love cheese. Actually, “love” is kind of a weak-sauce descriptor for how I feel about cheese. If there was a word stronger than “love”, it would probably only apply to a few things in my life: Meredith, my cats, the Baltimore Orioles, and cheese. Maybe self-foaming hand soap (seriously, that stuff is right up there with flight, fire, and the wheel as far as technological advancements go).

So it’s pretty gratifying to find that Culture Magazine, the final word on cheese as far as print media goes, saw fit to feature my Check Out My Goat Tee shirt in their Autumn issue’s “Gear” section. I’m pretty stoked. And as you can see, it looks pretty awesome:

Pretty rad, huh? I’m gonna go celebrate with a glass of pinot noir and a hunk of gruyere.

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July 15, 2010


I apologize for the crappy quality of this pic (and post; I’m severely hung over). What you see before you is supreme dedication.

While I was out with my wife and friends last night, a guy came over to our table and literally asked for the shirt off my back. Apparently his lady-friend (pictured above) loves penguins, and liked my Penguins In Love design so much that she had him ask me for it. Typically I wouldn’t have taken off my shirt in a bar, but they actually had a free crappy over-sized Bud Light tee of some kind to give me in exchange, so I wouldn’t be left shirtless. Since I’m all about going the extra mile for you guys, I gave this girl the shirt off my back. And since I rarely go out without one of my own tees on my body, you guys also stand a very good chance of coming away with a very sweaty cool free t-shirt of your own if you happen upon me. (Chances are especially good if I’ve been drinking.) Just keep an eye out for me; I’ll be the guy in the Ex-Boyfriend shirt complaining about the state of the Baltimore Orioles baseball club.

P.S. I’m too hungover today to talk about booze with any enthusiasm, so instead I’ll just point you to Fork Party’s list of 11 Terrible Hangover Cures. Here’s hoping your Thirsty Thursday is less headachey than mine.

October 29, 2008

New Funny Cat T-Shirts: Meet the Kitties

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Cats are awesome, therefore I am in the process of designing more kitty themed apparel. Unfortunately, clothing featuring kitties is often the look favored by frumpy, suburban housewives. I’m working cat apparel of a different ilk. So meet the new kitties:

Fuzz Aldrin is a space kitty, exploring the depths of the cosmos with great curiosity. Fuzz has made several missions to mars, the moon and Endor (home of cute space counterparts the Ewoks).

Mr. Meowgi is a wise old ninja, taking on the bad guys with his fast flying paws of justice.

Fuzz Aldrin and Mr. Meowgi are part of a series of upcoming kitty characters to make their way onto clothing and accessories available from Ex-Boyfriend.

Speaking of kitties, apparently the Japanese are also crazy for them. Of course who can resist that sort of cute?