September 6, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Beer Chase, Geeks On Parade, and Saving Kittehs!


Important notes:

• Kudos for the sly nod to NOT drinking and driving
• Beer > heist money
• That’s a lot of off-duty cops in that bar
• “Made From Beer” is a slogan straight out of Idiocracy

In other drinking-related news:

I’ll be selling my wares this weekend (Saturday AND Sunday) at the Baltimore Comic Convention in the Baltimore Convention Center. Our good friend John at Ex-Boyfriend’s unofficial “sponsor bar” Bad Decisions is knocking a whopping 10% off the tab of anyone who comes in Saturday or Sunday wearing Ex-Boyfriend gear! A pretty sweet deal from the best bar and lifestyle label Charm City has to offer!

Admission to the con is super-cheap — just $25 for Saturday, $20 for Sunday, or $40 for both! If you’re a panicking Yankees fan, come out for the nerds during the day, catch the game across the street with us in the evening, and then get crunk at Bad Decisions to drown your sorrows after the O’s win! Just hop in the closest cab and say “Fells Point, corner of Fleet & Washington”!

Finally, if you’ve been itching to get a Fuzz Aldrin, Catnip Freakout, or Fidel Catro shirt for yourself or a friend, September is the month to do it. Why? Because Ex-Boyfriend has teamed with Jackson Galaxy and Spirit Essences to support the worthy cat rescue group Kitten Associates! Throughout the month of September, Ex-Boyfriend is donating $5 from the sale of tees & hoodies featuring these three designs to Kitten Associates, so snap ‘em up yourself, or help us spread the word!

February 3, 2012

Fuzzy Friday: The Economy’s Not THAT Bad, Guys — Help a Kitty Out!

A few years ago we were on a west coast road trip and stopped at the Whole Foods in La Jolla, CA for a snack. There were some nice young ladies working a table outside from the Stray Cat Alliance, a California-based non-profit that seeks to raise funds for the sterilization and care of feral cat colonies in California, and the sterilization and care of non-feral strays in shelters until they can be placed with a guardian in a forever-home.

Of course, I was broke at the time.

Of course, I gave them the last $5 I had in my wallet.

Now the SCA is teaming with one of their board members (and friend of Ex-Boyfriend!), Jackson Galaxy. You may remember Jackson from such thrilling things like his awesome show My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, as well as the many gushing blog posts I write that mention him.

Anyway, Jackson has a new book (you remember books, right?) coming out:


I’m super-excited enough for the book, but by pre-ordering on Amazon via this link, you and I can help the Stray Cat Alliance raise funds for their continued operation. Just pre-order between now and May 10th and forward or scan & email a copy of your receipt to, and Tarcher/Penguin publishing will donate $1.00 to help these awesome shelter critters.

Plus, if you’re on Twitter (or just hate reading more than 140 characters at a time), for every picture of your cat you tweet with the hashtag #CatDaddy throughout the month of February, Tarcher will donate an additional $0.05 — seemingly not much, but there’s NO LIMIT on the number of tweets this applies to, so spread the word — make ‘em say “ugh” “MEOW”!

June 14, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Oslo and Berlin (Part 2 of 2)

So after a quick diversion into the robotic realm last week, I thought I’d wrap up this two-part series about my recent European escapades!

Previously I posted some pics of the cool art to be seen in Oslo, Norway and the choicest selections from Berlin’s East Side Gallery. This week’s focus is a bit more on Berlin’s excellent street art scene.


This awesome Japanese woodcut-style portrait decorated the side of a hotel across the street from the East Side Gallery facing the Spree River. We really loved the economical use of color and elegant contours and just thought in general it was great art AND marketing for the hotel; it’s hard to miss AND hard to forget.


After a couple of mis-steps seeking out the cream of the art scene crop that we’d heard so much about before arriving in Berlin, we asked the proprietor of Big Brobot, a very cool book/toy/comic/t-shirt shop in the Friedrichshain section of the city, if he could recommend any good galleries that exhibited more street art and pop art (as opposed to the truly awful installations we’d seen up to that point.) He kindly pointed us in the direction of the NeuroTitan gallery and shop.

After a couple of missed turns, we finally were pointed in the direction of the correct alley leading to the gallery. Once we stepped into the alley, we were greeted with some really wonderful pieces of street art, from spray can art to traditional media to paste-ups.


The alley then led into a courtyard that featured this very cool steam-powered sculpture of a steampunk bat-creature with flapping wings, roving eyes, and flailing proboscis. I really wish I’d switched on my video camera to catch it in action!


Finally, to get to the NeuroTitan gallery, we had to climb a few flights of stairs to enter the shop area before checking out the exhibit. While the exhibit was pretty “meh”, the trip up the stairs was awesome, with the walls just COVERED in really cool graffiti and street art. One of our favorites was the “Fashion Chimp” ad paste-up, done in the style of a 1930s-40s women’s magazine. Who wouldn’t want a giant, life-sized “fashion chimp” for their home?


That pretty much wraps up our 2011 European adventure. Sad as we were not to be able to make it to Tokyo, it was an excellent diversion none the less, and hopefully the planet is done kicking Japan’s ass for a few years and we can make it over there soon.

In OTHER Ex-Boyfriend news—AT LEAST two new designs are going to be up by the end of this week. If you or someone you know is into vampires, kitties, and/or kawaii-style art, be sure to check back!

ALSO: Be sure to tune into The Daily Show on Comedy Central tonight at 11pm. Our good friend Jackson Galaxy from Animal Planet will be sporting our very own Fuzz Aldrin this evening during Aasif Mandvi’s segment! Woot! Be sure to spread the word!

UPDATE: The Daily Show segment featuring Jackson Galaxy wearing Fuzz Aldrin tonight has been postponed thanks to some big political news today, but I’ll keep you guys updated about when it really airs!

June 3, 2011

Fuzzy Friday: Internet Fame, And (Finally) Animal Planet Gives The People What They Want

I used to watch Animal Planet a lot. Like, if I were to create an a la carte list of channels I couldn’t live without, it would have been on there.

But a few years ago they took a sharp turn toward some strange programming—a lot of this “when animals attack” type stuff, where survivors talk about how they shouldn’t be alive because they got mauled by a bear or bitten by a spider or a copperhead. And I am completely on board with those of us who prefer reptiles & insects to cats & dogs (and I guess fish & birds). But shows like that aren’t really for pet owners. It’s really sensationalist in tone and hearkens back to the really bottom-of-the-barrel programming Fox used to show in the late 80s / early 90s between airings of Married…With Children and The Simpsons and COPS. I sorta lost interest.

But Animal Planet has officially landed my ass back on the couch with My Cat From Hell featuring feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.

I guess if I was forced to draw a comparison, it’s sort of like a cat version of The Dog Whisperer or It’s Me Or The Dog. But the difference between those shows and Jackson’s is down to the fundamental differences between dogs & cats. Cesar Millan and Victoria Stilwel are all about establishing a clear hierarchy between dogs and their owners. Which is necessary with dogs; they’re pack animals, and are wired to respect the authority of the “alpha” in the house, whether it’s another dog or it’s human companion.

Jackson’s approach to cats is more about changing the behavior of the humans and the environment the cats interact with. Which is perfectly fitting for dealing with cats; there is no “forcing” a cat to do anything you want—it’s just about making them think that they’re in control, even though you’re pulling the strings out of sight by adding scratching posts and cat perches and adding more play time to their days. Jackson gets it, and that’s why I love his show. It also doesn’t hurt that his name is awesome, he’s clearly creative (he’s a musician and artist and has some beautiful body art), and what’s more, he’s a fan of Ex-Boyfriend; check out the video below and see who he’s wearing on his shirt at 1:45!

(Thanks to Kate Benjamin at for the heads up! Catch Jackon’s show on Animal Planet Saturdays at 9pm)

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