September 14, 2011

Meet The Fans Wednesday: Say Hello to Brittney, Everybody!

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Brittney was kind enough to send in a pic of herself sporting my Seattle Skyline hoodie and answer some interview questions:

Favorite websites to visit:
Tumblr, Facebook, and Flickr.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A veterinarian or a teacher.

OK, after reality set in, what ended up being your first job?
My first job was at Safeway.

Beer, wine, or liquor? 
Liquor, and wine on occasions.

If you could have a dinner party for any famous people, who would you invite?
Big Chocolate (Cameron Argon), Sonny Moore, and Lady Ga Ga.

Favorite place to visit?
Washington! (Ed. note: we are assuming she means the state, not the district, given the totally rad hoodie seen above.)

Five current favorite songs, albums, or musical artists:
Parkway Drive, Foster the People, Matt & Kim, Big Chocolate, and Skrillex. (Ed. note: I am old, and only recognize Matt & Kim from this list. Would you care for a butterscotch, warm and lint-covered from storage in my cardigan pocket?)

Favorite visual artist(s)?
Francesco Carrozzini (photographer).

Do you have any pets?
Yes, 2 cats and a chameleon.

How would you spend your lottery winnings?
I’d use it to move into a small apartment back in Washington.

Most regrettable fashion decision?
Jeans with sharpie drawings all over them -_-

If you could have any super power what would it be?

What new designs would you like to see next from Ex-Boyfriend?
Perhaps something involving a silhouette of a dead tree, I think its a really pretty organic shape.


Wanna be quasi-famous like Brittney? Just send me a pic of yourself rocking your fave Ex-Boyfriend gear and I’ll send a list of questions for you to answer!

August 2, 2010

Meet the Boss Monday: Where Did This Blog Go?

So, those of you who read my blog regularly (all ten of you) may have noticed that I was MIA all last week. I wish I had a good reason for my lack of communication, but I don’t. The fact of the matter is, my wife was out of town (Way out of town. London, to be precise) last week, and if I’m being honest, it’s very difficult for me to stay on-task when she’s not around.

Tempting as it is to do the revisionist history thing and post a bunch of entries time-stamped for last week, let’s just pretend that it never happened (which is, in itself, a revisionist undertaking. Tautology! Look it up, kids. Also, what’s up with all the parentheticals today?)

Since only TWO of the aforementioned TEN readers have taken me up on my Meet the Fans Monday feature, I’ve decided to ease us back into the swing of things by interviewing myself. This exercise is two-fold: it give me a chance to mention Chuck Klosterman’s latest book Eating the Dinosaur, which examines the nature of the interview from the quasi-philosophical angle that Klosterman does so well, and it also allows me to talk about myself, which I love doing.

How did you first discover Ex-Boyfriend?
I started designing some stuff. It needed a name. And “The Beatles” was taken.

5 10 desert island musical artists?
Yikes! Idlewild, The Smiths, Waylon Jennings, The Who, The Beatles, The Cure, Miles Davis, Wilco, Elliott Smith, and Blur. I will rue this list on the days when I crave some Johnny Cash, Radiohead and/or Oasis.

Tell us about your pop cultural guilty pleasures.
I don’t ever really feel guilty about the stuff that makes me feel good… but I suppose the stuff that is the most incongruous with my persona would be my appreciation of certain Britney Spears singles, Jane Austen novels, “good” romantic comedies (Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, etc) and Gossip Girl.

What kind of tees do you hope we design next?
The kind that sell a lot! Ideally, stuff with monsters and robots and critters. You know, the usual.

Favorite haunts on the web?
Alright, time for some true confessions… I’m a bit of a sports nut. Not exactly the sort of thing you’d guess based on my job, wardrobe, haircut, listening habits, etc. But I LOVE baseball and football. So a lot of the places I visit deal with sports. Pretty much every one of the Yahoo! Sports blogs is choice. All are pretty entertaining reads. But I also love to drop in on, because Frank Yang and I share a lot of the same taste in music (and I like free mp3’s), is excellent because Gabe is one of funniest bloggers I’ve ever read. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention, which is partially contributed to by my friend David William, who is an amazing artist “living the dream” in hipper-than-hip Brooklyn. And of course tastespotting and liquorious!

Do you have any pets? What are they, what are their names?
I think this is pretty well-documented, but I’m pwned by two cats, Oliver and Bigby. And let’s not forget the seemingly never-ending parade of foster animals.

If you had a time machine, where in history or the future would you go?
The future. To paraphrase Brian Fellows, I don’t do dinosaurs.

Beer, liquor, or wine (be specific)?
Beer and wine are more or less in a dead heat. I love a good Belgian-style wheat beer, but I also like a nice, flavorful copper, amber or red ale. As far as wines, I’ve graduated from the “I only drink whites” camp to almost exclusively reds. I tend to shy away from the drier stuff—no merlots for me, thanks. I like a nice full-bodied shiraz, cabernet savignon, malbec, or pinot noir.

What’s the first thing you notice about the ladies (or dudes if you prefer them)?
Teeth/smile. I can look past a lot of physical flaws, but bad teeth are pretty egregious.

Cake, pie or cookies (ice cream and candy are also acceptable, but be specific)?
This is tough! I love Starbursts. I like cupcakes a lot (though I’m pretty no-frills; plenty happy with vanilla-on-vanilla), and certain pies really get me going (key lime, blue berry, pumpkin, pecan). I appreciate a well-done cookie, but they’re more of a stop-gap dessert in my book—a sort of “well, if there’s nothing else around” treat. My wife’s cherry cheesecake is pretty awesome, as is her pumpkin cheesecake topped with toasted pecans and caramel-bourbon sauce.

July 15, 2010


I apologize for the crappy quality of this pic (and post; I’m severely hung over). What you see before you is supreme dedication.

While I was out with my wife and friends last night, a guy came over to our table and literally asked for the shirt off my back. Apparently his lady-friend (pictured above) loves penguins, and liked my Penguins In Love design so much that she had him ask me for it. Typically I wouldn’t have taken off my shirt in a bar, but they actually had a free crappy over-sized Bud Light tee of some kind to give me in exchange, so I wouldn’t be left shirtless. Since I’m all about going the extra mile for you guys, I gave this girl the shirt off my back. And since I rarely go out without one of my own tees on my body, you guys also stand a very good chance of coming away with a very sweaty cool free t-shirt of your own if you happen upon me. (Chances are especially good if I’ve been drinking.) Just keep an eye out for me; I’ll be the guy in the Ex-Boyfriend shirt complaining about the state of the Baltimore Orioles baseball club.

P.S. I’m too hungover today to talk about booze with any enthusiasm, so instead I’ll just point you to Fork Party’s list of 11 Terrible Hangover Cures. Here’s hoping your Thirsty Thursday is less headachey than mine.

July 6, 2009

Meet Our Foster Kittens

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Sorry for the lack of updates, but I’ve been on vacation. Actually, I was away getting married to my long-time girlfriend. That is the reason for the lack of new art and updates here and on Facebook. Getting ready for your wedding can keep you busy, no matter how small you try to make it. Anyway, the exciting news is that we’re home now and we are fostering three adorable and mischievous kittens! This post is going to be very heavy on the pictures and videos because I had too many favorites to just pick one.

I also have a mischievous kitten story for you guys. The littlest of the kittens is a tiny calico girl named Laura. She weighs about 1.5 lbs (and that’s a generous estimate.) Saturday morning I went to check on our kittens and Laura was nowhere to be found. I totally freaked out. The kittens have been living in our upstairs bathroom, frolicking in our large empty bathtub and skittering about under the toilet. There aren’t many places for them to disappear, but this tiny Houdini had certainly managed to make herself scarce. I wondered if maybe she’d snuck out when I opened the door.

I woke up my wife and we called all our friends, enlisting them to tear apart our house for the better part of Independence Day. We worried our adult cats had gotten their paws on the missing kitten and eaten her. We worried the missing kitten had scurried into a vent somehow and was lurking inside our walls. We pulled appliances out from their corners, we left treats out hoping to entice her back. It seemed hopeless, and I dreaded fessing up to the SPCA that we’d lost one of their charges.

Around dinner time I went to check on the remaining kittens, and what did I see out of the corner of my eye? The missing kitten! I only caught a glimpse of the little fiend, but I definitely saw her. She’d been in the bathroom with her brothers all day. She disappeared as fast as she appeared, but I noticed that she had run behind our pedestal sink. I checked behind the sink and discovered there was a small cut-out in the porcelain where the pipes go in. I reached inside and felt something soft and fuzzy. The hideout was so small that only Laura could fit in there, and I was barely able to get my hand inside to pull her out. Luckily, I was able to get her by the scruff of her neck and pull her out. I duct taped the entrance to her hideout and returned her to her brothers. Hopefully that was the last of her disappearing tricks, but whoever adopts this kitten is definitely in for some trouble.

Anyway, trouble or not, the kittens are too adorable for words, so here are some pix and videos. Enjoy!

May 13, 2009

Please Welcome Hobbes

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Thanks all for casting your votes in the “name that kitty” post yesterday. By popular demand, we have named our new cat Hobbes.

Hobbes is chilling out in the downstairs bathroom recovering from his visit with the vet. We are pleased to report he is a healthy boy and will be able come out and play with his feline brothers as soon as his nerves settle a bit. By the way, Bigby and Hobbes are the two most gigantic cats I’ve ever seen, weighing in at 16 lbs each! Maybe they are part mountain lion. It’s a good thing they’re more interested in head scratches than mauling.

All of this kitty excitement has me way behind on work so new illustrations will be coming soon, stay tuned. I am off to play catch up.


May 12, 2009

Name That Kitty

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We’re trying to come up with a cute name for our new kitty. We took suggestions from friends online and in real life and here are some of our favorites. Which should we pick?

poll     cat

May 11, 2009

Additions to My Brood

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I’m a proud new papa, again — this time to two large orange tabbies. Lest you worry I’m truly becoming a crazy cat person, let me assure you this is it for us. No more pets. Mostly because my girls says so, but either way, the house is now full.

How did these strapping furry lads come into our lives? Let me tell you. For those of you who’ve been reading this blog a while, you may recall that we lost our very beloved little Maine Coon in December. After losing her the house seemed so quiet and empty. That is when I first floated the idea of getting two new cats eventually. That way we’d never be a one pet household again. My girl was too devastated to entertain the idea of a new critter, so for several months it was just us and Oliver.

Meanwhile, neighbors a block away moved out and left their two big orange tabbies on the street to fend for themselves. The abandoned cats were friendly and always greeted us when we saw them outside. One particularly chilly damp night I saw one of the orange tabbies outside. He was freezing cold and seemed delighted to have me rubbing the top of his furry head. He followed me home and I let him camp out in our bathroom. We decided to keep him and we’ve named him Bigby. Of course we couldn’t separate Bigby and his brother, so we spent the next few weeks checking the block for him. Last night he finally showed himself. He’s a little shyer than his brother, but couldn’t resist the lure of a some delicious cat treats, and was eventually coaxed back to the house with us. He’s now adjusting to his new surroundings.

Bigby has become acquainted with Oliver, and while I can’t say they’re BFFs yet, they seem to be getting used to each other. Once Oliver adjusts to not being an only kitty I think he’ll grow to enjoy the company. So here are the two new boys, the guy on the right needs a name. Any suggestions?

December 20, 2008

She Took All My Money and Left Me With a Broken Heart

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The other night, as we were headed up to bed, we discovered our cat, Sadie, was crying and hiding her paw under her chest. Thinking she maybe had fallen and hurt herself, we took her to the emergency room. We expected she might need a cast and we’d wonder how the silly girl could have done this. She was always getting into mischief like this.

Sadie spent all night and the next morning at the ER. The vet told us Sadie’s lungs were full of fluid and that she might not live through the night. She asked if the cat could have been hit by a car. We said it wasn’t possible, she is strictly an indoor cat. We racked our brains trying to imagine what had occurred. Did she fall down the steps? Did she catch pneumonia? Did she inhale gas from the stove? It made no sense.

Twelve hours and $1,500.00 later, the animal hospital said they were ruling out trauma and suspected a heart problem. They suggested we transfer her to a hospital with a cardiology specialist. We drove her to the hospital with the specialist and waited all day to see him. We sat in the waiting room, we stood beside the kennel where they stored Sadie and tried to pet our disconsolate little kitty.

The specialist finally saw her, and told us she had a congenital heart condition that caused blood to trap in her heart and clot. The clots would get out into her body causing things like stroke, paralysis and heart attacks. The injured paw was paralyzed with one of these clots. He told us that sometimes, with medication, cats with this condition can live for a few more years, but it wasn’t certain how well the medication would work or how long she’d get. He told us we could leave her for observation for 24 hours to see if her condition started to improve at all with medication.

We had to try to give Sadie a fighting chance, so even more money was spent. It was more than we could afford but we loved her so dearly, we would have done anything for her. We told her “you have to get better, it’s the least you could do, we’re going to be living on Ramen forever after this.” Sadie just got worse and got more clots. So early this morning we drove back to the hospital to say good bye and put an end to her suffering. She was only three years old.

Words can’t express how much I miss her already.

December 16, 2008

I Can Haz Sammich?

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Our little kitty is obsessed with sandwiches. Whenever we eat them she gets up in our grill trying to steal bites. Here she is snacking on one.

November 26, 2008

Cutest Model

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We got Sadie to rock an Intramural Cuddler pet t-shirt, but she only wanted to show her cute mug to the camera, so we couldn’t really get a picture of her shirt. She looks cute any way.

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