Who Ex-Boyfriend Is

A grammatical conundrum, Ex-Boyfriend (singular) is really two people (plural) — Matt "The Gentleman Artist" Snow and Meredith "The Ideas Lady" Erin — and a pair of adorable cats Oliver (the Great Grey Dandy) and Bigby (the Slovenly Orange Oaf).

What Ex-Boyfriend Does

We design unique graphic apparel and accessories featuring the fun stuff we (and presumably everyone else) loves dinosaurs, cute critters, robots, aliens, and nerdy puns. We also provide peerless customer service, because we know what it's like to be on the other side of the checkout counter, whether it's online or in person.

Why Ex-Boyfriend Does This

A few reasons:

  • Things cost money, and we hate working for The Man.
  • We're pretty good at it. At least that's what our moms keep telling us.
  • We like creating fresh, original stuff or putting a modern, absurdist spin on really old stuff.
  • People kept shuddering in horror when we'd walk down the street shirtless.
Why Are You Called 'Ex-Boyfriend'?

While anyone can enjoy wearing our tees, they're especially handy if you're trying to get over that last ex or hoping to meet the next one (you heartbreaker, you!).

See, when you wear a clever, witty t-shirt featuring original art, it gives strangers an excuse to start a conversation with you. What's more, they then subconsciously attribute all that wit and cleverness to the wearer (that's you!). Sneaky, right? So whether you're in a new city hoping to make new friends who share your taste and sense of humor or out at the bar trying to score some digits, let our tees be your wingman and break the ice with strangers.